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As a premier real estate agent in this area, I look forward to serving you and will be happy to provide all the information you need on homes for sale in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Owasso and surrounding areas. Buying or selling a home is a complex process and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to make your next real estate transaction a stress-free process. Whether you are a first time home-buyer, selling your home or a veteran property investor, get the results you want and deserve and work with a professional Realtor who will Go The Distance For You.

Parker & Associates / Realtors (918) 313-0408
  • Community Events

    Stained Glass Garden Spirit Class 03/23/19
    3-25-19 6:30 pm - 3316 E 21st St
    Tulsa Art Events

    Use Code MU2019 to receive $5 off your enrollment. In this 3 hour class,you will learn about the art of stained glass design, then build a stained glass Garden Spirit to brighten your home or garden. Experience the process of making Garden...

    Energ-Realization Meditation Class
    3-25-19 6:30 pm - 3316 E 21st St
    Center of Light Tulsa, Ok.

    Everyone is always welcome. We gathering at 6pm to discuss varies energy relevant topics. Meditation begins promptly at 6:15. This guided meditation path empowers participants to recognize and connect with one's own energy field, higher-self and...

    Fourth Monday's Mediumship Development and Practice Circle
    3-25-19 6:30 pm - 3316 E 21st St
    Center of Light Tulsa, Ok.

    Kathy Brennan and Monica Murray host the Mediumship Development and Practice circle each 4th Monday of the month with an entrance fee of $25.00 This class is for all abilities from beginner to professional.

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            It is a good idea to have some form of credit monitoring on all 3 bureaus that will alert you if someone applies for credit in your name. If that happens, there are steps that you can go through to get this corrected at These steps include, among other things, placing a 90-day […]


    10 Things to Do in Tulsa

    Steel and glass gleam in downtown Tulsa alongside one of the best collections of art deco architecture in the nation. Venture into the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s second largest city, for a trip into a glimmering metropolis filled with world-class attractions, vibrant nightlife venues and exclusive shopping destinations that range from upscale to unique.   Home […]


    How to service and maintain a pool system

    Buying or Selling a home is a complex process. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to see you through this process. Work with a professional Realtor who is willing to Go The Distance For You. My goal is to be the best real estate agent you have ever worked with. Call or text […]


    Ways to Improve your Credit Score

    1. Dispute errors on your Report. Mistakes happen. 2. Negotiate. You can’t deny that you stopped paying a credit card bill when you were unemployed last year. But you can ask creditors to “erase” that debt or any account that went to collection. Write a letter offering to pay the remaining balance if the creditor […]


    Homeowners Insurance: What’s Covered? What’s Not?

    Homeowners Insurance: What’s Covered? What’s Not? Homeowners insurance can be a life saver in many instances and obviously it is a must have, but not many homeowners think twice about the insurance that protects their investment. What does the standard homeowners insurance policy really cover? While policies may vary, it’s important to know what is […]